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The major issue faced by people with hearing loss is effective communication. Even if they start using hearing aids, the anxiety of judgement and repeating talks is still there. Rather than leaving those people alone, we offer best speech therapy in Delhi to enhance their communication abilities.

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is a specialized field for improving communication for hearing loss patients. This therapy provides hope to all individuals who want to speak again and communicate effectively. Specifically, speech therapy includes a combination of exercises, techniques and expert guidance that gives a person their lost confidence. This therapy ensures that everyone has an opportunity to express themselves clearly, regardless of hearing abilities.

Why Do You Need Speech Therapy?

If you are dealing with Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Conductive Hearing Loss or Mixed Hearing Loss, then you do need speech therapy. People with these above hearing losses may find it hard to talk openly and understand what others are saying; speech therapy helps you understand and speak language. Some people need speech therapy to talk and communicate, and others may need it to process how words are forming and understand the language better.

Who Needs Speech Therapy?


Difficulty in speech and language

Kids struggling with speaking up, forming words, or even understanding language need speech therapy.

Difficulty in social communication skills

Kids who find problems in social communication skills, such as engaging in conversations or following others' directions.

Difficulty in development:

Children facing development delays or disorders like autism spectrum disorder need support in developing their communication and speech.


Have stroke or brain trauma

Adults experiencing a stroke or traumatic brain injury and are dealing with problems like speech and language.

Have Neurological Conditions

Adults have bad neurological conditions that affect communication abilities.

Have Medical History

Adults recovering from some kind of surgery or medications affecting the vocal cords or speech-related areas of the brain.

Specific People

Change In Voice

People experience changes in their voice pitch, quality, or volume due to conditions like vocal cord paralysis.

Stuttering Problem

Individuals struggling with fluency problems like stuttering have a disruption in the smooth flow of speech.

Vocal Improvement

Professionals like singers, actors, and teachers seek to improve their vocal performance or prevent any vocal tightness.

Let's Work Together to Enhance Your Communication Skills!

Benefits Of Speech Therapy For Hearing Aids Users

Helps you adapt hearing aids

With the help of speech therapy strategies, you can adapt to your hearing aids more effectively and maximize their usage.

Enhances your social interaction

You'll be able to interact better without asking them to repeat themselves.

Improves speech clarity

Through targeted exercises and techniques, this therapy helps you achieve clear and fluent speech.

Focuses on your language skills

you'll be able to understand what the other person is trying to say and be able to convey your ideas, too.

Boosts your confidence

With regular sessions, you'll regain your confidence and talk freely without any hesitation.

Helps you express yourself

Speech therapy will help you open up and express what you feel.

Why Choose Decibel For Speech Therapy?

Why would you choose us for speech therapy? Because our approach to your hearing loss is different than others. We don’t directly recommend you a speech therapy session. Instead, Decibel’s team takes their time to analyze your problem, understand your needs, and plan a customized treatment that is concluded after questions like: Do you need hearing aids? What type of hearing aid is best fit for you? Does your hearing loss need the support of speech therapy? And if yes, then what would your session include?

Things To Look At Before Going To Decibel Speech And Hearing Aids Clinic

Located in Delhi, Decibel Speech and Hearing Aids Clinic has multiple branches within the city, making it easier for people to visit the nearest one and get their ears treated.

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