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About Decibel

Decibel Speech and Hearing Aid Center is dedicated towards improving the quality of life of people who are unable to hear either due to congenital reasons or due to any other type of hearing impairment. The clinic is driven by its inherent zeal to combine medical facilities, technology and years of experience ensuring people suffering from hearing loss get a chance to perceive sound and lead a quality life. Decibel Clinic is a subsidiary of Punjab Optical Pvt. Ltd, set-up by Late Dr. P.C Malik and, is currently led by Mr. Yash Malik and Karan Malik. The clinic has its clientele throughout India and also internationally.
Technological advancement and numerous leaps in medical science has now made possible to perceive and hear sound through the use of hearing aids. People suffering from various types of hearing loss can benefit from these aids. However, not everyone is aware of such aids and at Decibel Clinic we make it a point to educate people and make them aware about hearing aids.
At Decibel, only the latest and top notch machines obtained from authorized dealer are used to provide solutions to people suffering from hearing loss. We work dedicatedly towards reaching out to patients and educate them about the possibilities of being able to hear again through use of hearing aids.
Practical solutions that are promised by our audiologists and hearing consultants after through diagnosis enable people to get treated for their impairment. Our audiologists and hearing consultants bank on branded products and advice you about the best products ensuring you get the best quality aid as per your individual requirement.

The steps we follow at Decibel Clinic: Diagnosis at Our Hearing Aid Center

Hearing loss could be due to several reasons and we believe in through diagnosis before jumping on to conclusions and prescribing you products. Basis your diagnostic results of auditory senses we classify the loss and problem as severe, tough or normal. In normal cases, our audiologists and hearing consultants do not very much rely on instruments or hearing aid; rather they try to tackle the problem without their use. However, in case of tough or severe cases the treatment methods are different and do include use of hearing aids..


Our expert audiologists prescribe only the best quality and high efficiency hearing aid ensuring the perception of sound is impeccable or as close to natural sense of hearing. We believe that for every case there is a dedicated type of hearing aid to be prescribed.

Supervision Under a Reliable Hearing Aids Dealer

Once our doctors have prescribed you an aid, it is now up to a reliable dealer to offer you the best quality product. It is a usual practice to monitor the efficiency and quality of the aid for the first week before we move ahead with the treatment.


Our health facility is where we fix the instrument for further usage. At the time of installation, our exerts make it a point to deliver highest quality of service ensuring that people enjoy their newfound sense of hearing without any problem.

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