Our Phonak Hearing Aid Price List includes detailed pricing information for each product line, from the advanced Lumity and Paradise series to the versatile Marvel and Belong ranges, as well as the budget-friendly Vitus options. Each hearing aid is made with technology to ensure superior sound quality and comfort.

Our transparent pricing will help you to easily compare and choose the best Phonak hearing aid that fits your budget, ensuring you receive exceptional value and optimal hearing solutions.

Compare Phonak Hearing Aids' Price

When comparing Phonak hearing aids’ prices, it’s important to consider the features and benefits each model offers. The advanced Lumity and Paradise products, with their supreme technology and connectivity options, are priced higher due to their enhanced capabilities.

The Marvel series offers robust performance with universal Bluetooth streaming at a mid-range price. At the same time, the Belong range provides reliable automatic adjustments and rechargeability at competitive rates. For those seeking affordable yet effective solutions, the Vitus line offers essential features at the most economical prices. By comparing the options below, you can find a Phonak hearing aid that fits not only your hearing needs but also your financial needs.

Phonak Lumity Products

About The Model: Phonak Lumity hearing aids are designed to provide exceptional speech understanding and natural sound quality. These products are ideal for individuals who seek advanced technology and superior performance in diverse listening environments.


  • Advanced Speech Understanding: Enhanced algorithms for more transparent conversations, even in noisy settings.
  • AutoSense OS™ 5.0: Automatically adapts to changing environments for optimal sound.
  • Water and Dust Resistant: Durable and reliable, designed to withstand various conditions.
Types Min. Price Max. Price
Audeo L-R 68,500 7,96,000
Audeo L-RL 85,000 8,32,000
Phonak Naida L-PR 66,500 7,96,000
Phonak Naida L-UP 52,500 3,86,000
Phonak Sky L-PR 66,500 7,96,000
Phonak Sky L-UP 52,500 3,86,000

Phonak Paradise Products

About The Model: Phonak Paradise hearing aids are known for their top-tier sound quality and innovative connectivity features. They are tailored for users who need seamless integration with modern technology and enhanced auditory experiences.


  • Motion Sensor Hearing: Adapts hearing settings based on user movement for optimal listening.
  • Tap Control: Simple, intuitive controls for answering calls and streaming music.
  • Multiple Bluetooth Connections: Connect to multiple devices simultaneously for easy switching.
Types Min. Price Max. Price
Audeo P - 312 50,500 3,57,000
Audeo P-R 61,500 7,36,000
Naida P-PR 61,500 7,36,000
Naida P-UP 48,500 3,57,000
Virto P - 312 49,000 3,57,000
Virto P - 312 NW O 49,000 3,57,000
Virto P - 10 NW O 49,000 3,57,000

Phonak Maravel Products

About The Model: Phonak Marvel hearing aids stand out with their universal Bluetooth streaming and exceptional sound quality. These hearing aids are perfect for users who prioritize connectivity and high-quality audio performance.


  • Universal Bluetooth Streaming: Connects to any Bluetooth-enabled device for seamless audio streaming.
  • AutoSense OS 3.0: Automatically adjusts to different sound environments for optimal hearing.
  • Rechargeable Options: Available with rechargeable batteries for convenience and sustainability.
Types Min. Price Max. Price
Audeo M - 312 40,000 60,000
Audeo M-R 48,500 1,30,000
Naida M-SP 40,000 60,000
Bolero M 44,500 66,500
Bolero M-PR 48,500 1,30,000
Sky M-M 44,500 66,500
Sky M-PR 57,000 1,47,000
Sky M-SP 40,000 60,000
Vitro M-312 40,000 3,42,000
Vitro M-312 NW 0 40,000 3,42,000
Vitro M-10 NW 0 40,000 3,42,000

Phonak Belong Products

About The Model: Phonak Belong hearing aids offer robust performance and automatic adjustments for various listening situations. These devices are designed for users who need reliable and adaptable hearing solutions.


  • AutoSense OS: Automatically adjusts to changing sound environments for better hearing.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Provides all-day power with a single charge.
  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology: Enhances speech understanding by focusing on the speaker’s voice.
Types Min. Price Max. Price
Naida B SP / UP 31,000 2,42,000
Virto B 31,000 2,42,000
Sky B - M / P /SP / UP 31,000 2,42,000
Sky B - RIC 31,500 2,42,000

Phonak Vitus Products

About The Model: Phonak Vitus hearing aids are an excellent choice for budget-conscious users who require essential features and reliable performance. These hearing aids deliver good sound quality and basic functionality.


  • Essential Hearing Performance: Offers reliable sound amplification for everyday hearing needs.
  • Noise Reduction: Minimizes background noise for clearer speech understanding.
  • Robust Design: Built to withstand the severities of daily use, ensuring durability and longevity.
Types Price
Vitus + RIC 25,500
Vitus + BTE 25,500
Vitus + ITE 25,500
Vitus BTE 19,000

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