We don’t just sell hearing aids but clear and optimistic sound.
In the quiet symphony of life, Phonak aids erase the noise and strife. At Decibel Clinic, where clarity rings, Phonak’s melody, every conversation sings.

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Phonak Hearing Aids

Sonova has been shining in every conversation since 1947. Among its other brands, Phonak stands as the most popular one. Its innovative technology allows people to experience clearer and more natural sound quality in different listening environments.
Decibel helps you shine in every conversation with Phonak’s advanced hearing aids. Experience clear communication and confident interactions in any environment.
Decibel has all the Phonak hearing models which are Audéo Paradise, Virto Marvel and Naída Marvel and their hearing aids which are Audéo Life Lumity, Audéo Lumity, Naída Lumity, Sky Lumity, Naída Paradise, Phonak Slim, Virto Paradise, Audéo Fit, CROS Paradise, Audéo Fit, Sky Marvel, Vitus and Vitus+, CROS Lumity.

Hearing Aids

New technology hearing aids in different colours and features ease your lifestyle without compromise.

Hearing Tools

Wireless microphones and smartphone apps, earplugs and accessories make your hearing device more convenient.

Why buy Phonak hearing Aids?

RIC - Phonak Audéo™ Lumity

Audéo™ L-R

ProductsReceiverMRP Rs kitMRP Rs per unit incl. Charger
Audéo™ L90-RS7,96,0004,06,500
Audéo™ L70-RM4,10,0002,13,500
Audéo™ L50-RP2,10,0001,16,500
Audéo™ L30-RUP1,20,00068,500

Audéo™ L-RL

ProductsReceiver MRP Rs kitMRP Rs per unit incl. Charger
Audéo™ L90-RLS8,32,0004,24,500
Audéo™ L70-RLM4,44,0002,30,500
Audéo™ L50-RLP2,51,0001,34,000
Audéo™ L30-RLUP1,54,00085,500

Phonak Naída™ Lumity

Phonak Naída™ L-PR

ProductsMRP Rs kitMRP Rs per unit incl. Charger
Naida L-90 PR7,96,0004,04,000
Naida L-70 PR4,10,0002,11,500
Naida L-50 PR2,16,0001,14,500
Naida L-30 PR1,20,00066,500

Phonak Naída™ L-UP

Products MRP Rs per unit
Naida L-90 UP3,86,000
Naida L-70 UP1,94,000
Naida L-50 UP99,900
Naida L-30 UP52,500

Phonak Sky™ L

Phonak Sky™ L-PR

ProductsMRP Rs kitMRP Rs per unit incl. Charger
Sky L90-PR7,96,0004,04,500
Sky L70-PR4,10,0002,11,500
Sky L50-PR2,16,0001,14,500
Sky L30-PR1,20,00066,500

Phonak Sky™ L-UP

Products MRP Rs
Sky L90-UP3,86,000
Sky L70-UP1,94,000
Sky L50-UP99,900
Sky L30-UP52,500

RIC - Phonak Audéo™ P

Audéo™ P-312

ProductsReceiverMRP Rs per unit
Audéo™ P90-312S3,57,000
Audéo™ P70-312M1,79,000
Audéo™ P50-312P94,500
Audéo™ P30-312UP50,500

Audéo™ P-R

Products Receiver MRP Rs kitMRP Rs per unit incl. Charger
Audéo™ P90-RS7,36,0003,74,500
Audéo™ P70-RM3,78,0001,95,500
Audéo™ P50-RP2,00,0001,06,500
Audéo™ P30-RUP1,10,00061,500

Power BTE - Phonak Naída™ P

Naída™ P-PR

ProductsMRP Rs kitMRP Rs per unit incl. Charger
Naida P90-RR7,36,0003,74,500
Naida P70-RR3,78,0001,95,500
Naida P50-RR2,00,0001,06,500
Naida P30-RR1,10,00061,500

Naída™ P-UP

ProductsMRP Rs per unit
Naida P90-UP3,57,000
Naida P70-UP1,79,000
Naida P50-UP92,500
Naida P30-UP48,500

Phonak is the best hearing aid technology provider in the world. Here at Decibel, we have each and every one of those Phonak hearing aids.
Decibel Provides follow-up support and constant guidance to every customer and speech therapy patient.
While delivering quality and clear sound, our Phonak’s hearing aids keep you going for at least 6 years. Some of these hearing devices can last even more than 6 years.
To buy a hearing device, we suggest you first visit our clinic so we can identify your hearing loss and give you a customized hearing aid.

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