5 Ways To Protect And Improve Your Hearing Every Day

Do you know why millions of Indians have ear imparity? Because people do not incorporate ear health in their overall body care. That sometimes leads to various ear problems like ear pain, hearing loss, pain due to over-earwax, and inflammation. Thus, it is important to have a proper ear care routine. Let’s know about some of these routines you can add to your daily life and improve your hearing.

improve your hearing

1. Avoid Exposure to Loud Noise

It is important to know that it’s not just people with hearing problems who should avoid loud noises but everyone who wants healthier hearing. When we are exposed to loud noises the delicate hair cells in our inner can be damaged. It is also an early sign of potential hearing loss.

Many of you might be wondering if ‘it is just ear hair. It can grow again,’ but it’s not true; once they’re damaged, they can’ regrow. This is why even temporary exposure to loud sound can have lasting effects on our hearing health.

What to Do?

  • Wear ear protection in noisy places.
  • Keep the volume down.

2. Practice Safe Listening Habits with Headphones and Earbuds

Another way to keep a healthy ear is to adopt safe listening habits with headphones and earbuds. You can reduce your listening time and allow your ears to rest and recover from previous loud sounds. Start using earphones with comfortable buds and pleasing sound quality.

By doing the above things, you can minimize the risk of hearing damage and maintain optimal ear health.

3. Maintain Ear Hygiene

How will you maintain your ear’s hygiene? By keeping it clean and protected. This is another and the most important way to keep your ear clean. But you have to be gentle. A little move can harm your ear. Using specialized ear cleaning tools, like as earwax removers, can help in the safe removal of excess earwax and debris.

What more to do to clean your ear?

  • Use ear-cleaning tools.
  • Avoid inserting any objects too deeply into the ear.
  • Your ears are a delicate part of your body, so be gentle when cleaning.

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4. Get Regular Hearing Check-ups

Regular hearing check-ups are important to maintain complete ear care and improve your hearing. At Decibel Clinic, we provide ear care and hearing test facility to keep you going on and on with clear hearing. Schedule your first appointment today with our audiologist expert and get your first consultation free. 


5. Incorporate Ear-Friendly Practices into Daily Routine.

  1. Keep Your Ears Dry.
  2. Drink enough water to keep your ear canal hydrated as it helps to clear them and reduce earwax buildup naturally.
  3. Stop Using Cotton Swabs as they push earwax inside the ear rather than cleaning it.
  4. Never poke anything into your ears.
  5. Clean your ears after a bath.
  6. Stop using cheap and poor-performing hearing aids (for people with hearing loss)
  7. Listen to pleasant music and spend some time in nature.
  8. Eat potassium-rich food like spinach, raisins, bananas, potatoes, oranges, yoghurt, and apricots.

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